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Mind Bending Idea, 2022 43 cm x 36 cm. x
New Ways, 2020, pencils on paper, 17 inc
Matter of a Rose, colored pencil drawing, 2022 43 cm x 36 cm
Circle of Time, ink drawing, 2020, 17 x
Miracle World of Childhood, colored pencil drawing , 43 cm x 36 cm , 2022
Chasing Time, pencils, paper, 17 x 14 in
Sunken City, colored pencil on paper, 43 x 36 cm, 2022
Metamorphsis, colored pencil, acrylic, 2023, 43 x 36
The Stones, colored pencils drawing 43 c
Wormholes, pencil drawings, 2020, 17 x 1
History of Library, colored pencil drawing, 43 x 36 , 2022
Premonition of Dark Tmes, pencils drawin
DSC01630 Xv
Tangled Fate, colored pencils drawing, b
Sunrise Before Long Darkness, colored pencil drawing, 2021, 43 cm x 36 cm
Milky Way, drawing on paper, 2020
Kaleidoscope, prisma color on papr, 2019
Dream World, pencil drawing, 2021
Spirals, ink on paper, 38 x 30 cm  2019
Cracked Mirror, colored pencil on paper, 2022, 17 x 14
Architect of Outer Space, pen, ink drawi
Bird Trapper, pencils drawing, 2020
Snake Nest, ink drawing, 17 x 14 inches,
The Lost One In Labyrinth, 2020, 17 x 14
Global Network, colored pencils drawing,
Azet  X, mixed media watercolors, ink on
Predictor of Future. colored pencil drawing, 2022, 43 cm x 36, 14 x 17 inches, x
Dark Times, 41 cm x 36 cm , 2020, ink dr
Tokhtaman Valetova, Nina, Dancing on the
Remembering Geometry Lessons, 17 x 14 in
Thinking About Future, pencil drawing, 2
Battle of the Amazons and Centaurs
Dancing on the Ball, 2020, prisma colore
Yin and Yang, ink drawing, 2020, 43 cm x
Ancient Fairy Tale, acrylic on paper, 20
Night Dreams, pen, black paper, 2019
Finished Game, prismacolor pencils on ca
Unshakable Monument, watercolors, crayon
Stardust Soul, ink on paper, 30 x 38, 15
Confrontation, ink, acrylics on canvas,
Fly Away, My Bird, pencil drawing, 2020,
Made from Cuboids, watercolor, prisma cr
Milky Way, ink drawing, 28 x 38 cm , 11
Old Apple Tree, ink on paper, 2019
The Tangle, ink drawing, 2019, 28 x 38 c
DSC01142 x
DSC01324 x
DSC01332 x
Snake House
DSC01258 x
Star Atlas
DSC01122 x
DSC01103 x
Bird Song, ink on paper, 2019, 30 x 23 c
Black and White, ink on paper
Going to Morning
Dark Shadows, ink on paper, 23 x 30 cm 9
Alice's Falling in the Hole, watercolor,
Trapping of Dreams , crayons on paper 42
Thousand and Second Night in the East, w
SDC10837 x
Stargazer, watercolors on paper, 38,5 x
Skyscraper watercolors, crayons, oil pas
Searching in the Night watercolors, ink
Falling, watercolors, oil pastel on pape
SDC10834 x
Quantum Leap, 2018, watercolors, acrylic
SDC10833 x
Journey to Geometry, tempera , watercolo
Woman with Apple, watercolors on paper,
Face X
Only Black Lines, 2018, 41 cm x 29 cm
SDC10813 x
Lost Time, pen on paper, 2017, 35 cm x 2
Feeling, Hearing and Vision     watercol
Face X oil pastel 2013
Approach watercolors oil pastel on paper
Eagle And Man, water color, 2015
DSC01057 x
DSC00749 X
Birds,  ink on paper, 2018
DSC01103 x
Ancient Fairy Tale, acrylic on paper, 20
Face in the Dark, oil pastel on paper, 2
X 2015
Thousand and Second Night in the East, w
Eagle And Man, water color, 2015
Only red, only lines, watercolors , blac
Journey to Geometry, tempera , watercolo
Lost Time, pen on paper, 2017, 35 cm x 2
Creator of Time
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